Sydney based UX/UI Designer and Front End Developer.

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Peter Finlan UX/UI Designer Sydney


Hey, I'm Peter Finlan! A (slightly obsessed) UX/UI Product Designer & Front End Developer hailing from Sydney, Australia. I'm passionate about crafting memorable, emotive and engaging experiences through user research, testing and data science.

By day, you'll find me collaborating with a great team of creative folk @Domain as a Senior Designer, putting my knowledge in to practice, delivering memberable, emotional and engaging product experiences.

By night, you can find me actively contributing to our beloved design & development community through free design resources, articles and by mentoring other designers - all for the love of it. I'm also a proficient front-end developer, regularly contributing free exclusive code nuggets and themes @Codrops. Somewhere in between all of that, I'm a husband, father and surfer who needs to get in the water more!

UX/UI Digital Designer Sydney

I don't just push pixels, I am passionate about crafting enjoyable digital product experiences based on product & user research, testing, and data analysis.

Interaction Designer Sydney

No more static wireframes. I love bringing prototypes to life through animation. This helps validate ideas and allows for lean design iterations.

Front End Developer Sydney

I love to hand code my experiences from interactive prototyping, to full scale websites and components, using the latest web technologies focusing on HTML5, CSS3, JS.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”

- Steve Jobs

Design Freebies & Code Nuggets

(UX/UI Design & Front-End Development projects)


I find great enjoyment in designing and engineering free resources for the design community and beyond. It's a way of giving back to a community that I've learnt so much from myself. Open source software is an outlet for connecting and sharing great ideas as well as collaborating on and improving on great products. Open Source 4 Life!


If you're looking for a UX/UI Designer (Product & Interaction) or Front-End Developer for your next project, let’s talk.